Why the HUB?​

The mission of Prepare International has always been to prepare Kingdom leaders to walk in their God given callings; leading life-giving church movements and being Kingdom carriers in every sphere of life beyond the local church. Our goal has been to train up 10,000 new leaders full of faith and the Holy Spirits. We have worked toward this goal by building relationships with Kingdom leaders across the globe, hosting conferences, schools, teaching in churches and training leaders. Our work until now has been limited by the capacity our team has to teach in person and travel. Through COVID God made it very clear that Prepare International was to pivot, focusing on the same goal with an expanded strategy. PI is called to train leaders to lead. We also realized that we needed to adopt a new strategy to steward the training tools and resources He has given us. During 2020 creating the Hub became a priority project to focus our energy on what we have been called to: to train and equip Kingdom leaders that can reproduce more Kingdom leaders. 

With an online school we are no longer confined to the limitations of travel or the size of our team. Now our training material can be accessed from anywhere around the world at any time. More than any season before, we feel the imminent need to train up Kingdom leaders that can bring the Gospel to every sphere they influence.