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Welcome to the Kingdom Influence course! We cannot wait to walk with you deeper into understanding the seven influencing institutions in every culture, to know how the Kingdom exerts influence, and which mountain you are called to within your society. This course is a good follow-up to The Kingdom of God course because it reveals what our responsibility is in the place God has us in the Kingdom.  


This course includes six lessons. Each lesson has a video and follow-up questions that allow you to respond to the material taught. All of our courses are taught by multiple PI staff members to help give you a wide range of styles and perspectives on the material we are discussing.


1. Before you begin, make sure you download the manual in the Lesson 1 Introduction section.


2. Before you go to Lesson 1, take a moment and pray. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for what He has for you. We believe this time while you study will not only be a knowledge transfer, but a heart transformation. 


3. Are you ready? Have you prayed for an open heart? Go to the Lesson 1 introduction to download your manual.


Your instructors for this course:

Randy Boyd is the Executive Director of PI. Randy has spent two decades teaching and mentoring people around the world. He has developed the courses and has a vast knowledge of Scripture. Randy is an amazing teacher and will bring new insight into this topic for you. 


Drew Brown is the PI School Coordinator. Drew has worked alongside Randy for over 16 years and has also developed many of the courses with Randy. Drew is a wonderful teacher who will help stretch what you know to grasp on to what God has for you in your Kingdom influence.


Throughout this course you will have access to the course group where you can discuss this lesson and topics from this course with other students and the course instructors. Visit the Kingdom Influence course discussion group to dive deeper into this course.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 7 Topics
  • 7 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate