Heaven’s Culture by Randy Boyd

Heaven's Culture by Randy Boyd

The Kingdom of God is not a theological concept; it is the central issue of all life and ministry. This short work is an exploration of what heaven’s culture would look like as it is described by Jesus and lived out by ordinary men and women. This is a must read!

The Kingdom of God is the reality of God and His world crashing into ours, making our world more like His.  If this is a real Kingdom, it has many of the attributes of any other kingdom. Every kingdom has: a king, citizens or subjects, a realm or territory ruled over, laws, an economy, but the thing that most sets one kingdom apart from another is its culture! The Kingdom of God speaks of Jesus importing heaven’s culture ~ heaven’s way of seeing life and living life ~ to earth. 

About Randy Boyd

Randy Boyd has served as the Executive Directors at Prepare International with his wife, Callie, for over 15 years. Before leading PI, Randy served in arenas of pastoral ministry, church planting, Christian education, and public education. Randy seeks to help men and women see the Kingdom and enter into the realities available to them in Christ. Randy has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas Tech University, an Educational Certification from Texas Tech University, a History Certification form the University of North Texas, and a masters of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. 

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The Kingdom of God Series

The Kingdom of God is a series of small books written in such a way as to present readers and learners the truths about God’s Kingdom in an interactive format. Its is highly advised that as you begin this journey, you go step by step through each booklet, takin your time to do each activity, leading you to an ever-deepening understanding and expression of Jesus’s great reign- the Kingdom of God.

Book 1 – The Reign
Book 2 – Heaven’s Culture
Book 3 – the Father/Son Paradigm
Book 4 – The Mandate
Book 5 – Influence 
Book 6 – The Family
Book 7 – Heaven’s Economy
Book 8 – Leadership Portraits

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