Lubbock School

All classes will be hosted in Lubbock, TX. Venue locations TBD.

Child care will not be provided, but kids will be encouraged to participate at the PrayGround session on Friday, December 1st.

Our monthly weekend sessions will cover 4-5 lessons in a 10 lesson course. Students will need to complete the remaining lessons on their own time before the next session. Discussions will include content from those lessons. We encourage students to complete lessons together, and we may have oppertunity for students to join PI staff led groups to progress learning between weekend sessions. 

Each student will be given 2 absence passes. Administration will need to be notified of the dates that will be missed so that the correct material (session recording, discussion questions, etc.) will be provided to those studnets. 

The installment plan is for those that are committed to finishing the school, but want to pay in smaller payment increments. Each installment is due by the first session of each 2 month interval (October, December, February & April).

All books and course manuals are included in the cost of registration. 

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.