Any man, untaught in the Scriptures, who read these words as he picked up the Bible would come to one conclusion: IT IS THE NATURE OF GOD TO SPEAK, TO COMMUNICATE HIS THOUGHTS TO OTHERS. And he would be right. This comment about the Son of God doesn’t just say that He speaks; it implies something much deeper—that His very nature is communication. We serve a God of communication. It is built into the very fabric of His Divine Being, and He is ever seeking to speak to His creation.

If that is His nature, to be a communicating God, then it seems reasonable that He created man to hear Him and relate to Him.

“The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the LORD has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12 ESV

God designed us, His prime creation, to hear Him. He wove it within our very nature and being, just like speaking and communicating, are woven into His. Look at the record of those who have gone before us:

  • God spoke, and Noah heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and Abraham heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and Jacob heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and David heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and Jesus heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and Paul heard and responded.
  • God spoke, and Ananias heard and responded.
  • The story of the Bible is the story of a speaking God and a hearing people—this is life as it should be.

Join us as we discover how to hear God and minister prophetically to others.

Divine Communication


This course is designed to give you an explanation of some of the major philosophies and skills to develop your ministry. Some of the topics include the following: 

  • That God is a God Who loves to communicate
  • Basic principles of hearing God’s voice
  • Different ways God speaks to us
  • How to move into the prophetic gifts

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