Course Overview: This course is designed to introduce you to important, yet
practical concepts and guidelines for ministering prophecy, healing, and deliverance. In
this course you will learn:
A. What is involved in moving in the power of God
B. How to practically increase the use of healing and deliverance.
C. How to properly shepherd the use of healing and deliverance among believers
D. How to pray for healing
E. How to minister deliverance

Course Goals: By the end of this course, you should be able to:
A. Develop a healthy relationship with the Holy Spirit
B. Effectively pray for the sick and teach others how to do the same
C. Lead others through a practical process of inner healing

Power Ministries


Welcome to the course on Power Ministries. You are going to be challenged, encouraged, and excited as we discover more of the power that comes when we walk with the Holy Spirit.

The course is 6 lessons with a video and short quiz after each lesson to help you process the truths taught.

We know the online world is not the same as in person, but we want to create a sense of community, so make sure you check out our Power Ministries group to interact with PI trainers and other students as we walk on this journey together.