Course Overview: This course is a study of what God’s Word teaches us about our minds, and how we might renew it. You will discover:

  • the importance put upon the renewing of the mind in the Bible; how the mind works;
  • how your thinking limits you in your relationship with God, others, and God working through you;
  • how your self-image and identity affect all areas of your life;
  • how to view difficulties and adversity when they come; and
  • the practical steps in the renewing of the mind that you might engage in to see your life transformed.

Course Goals: By the end of this course, we would like you to:

  • be totally committed to God in this process of the renewing of your thinking;
  • understand how the mind works and what you have to do to work with God in the renewing process;
  • discover different areas of your thought life that must be addressed and changed;
  • discover and use different biblical tools God has given to you for the renewing of your thinking; and
  • have a written plan of what you will do in the days to come to renew your thinking.
Power of a Transformed Mind


Welcome to the Power of a Transformed Mind course. In this course you will learn how the mind works and how to renew it and practically discover how to think like God in everyday life.

The course has 10 lessons with a video and short quiz to help you process the truths taught.

We know the online world is not the same as in person, but we want to create a sense of community, so make sure you check out our Power of a Transformed Mind group to interact with PI trainers and other students as we walk on this journey together.


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