This course is designed to give you an explanation of some of the major themes of the New Testament. Some of the topics include the difference in the Old and New Covenants, the applications of the saving work of the cross, life as a son or daughter of God is about, and the three-fold nature of man.

The course includes 10 lessons. Each lesson has a video and follow-up questions that allow you to respond to the material taught. All of our courses are taught by multiple PI staff members to help give you a wide range of styles and perspectives on the material we are discussing.

1. Before you begin, make sure you download the manual in the Lesson 1 Introduction section. 

2. Take a moment and pray before beginning Lesson 1. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for what He has for you. We believe your time studying will not only be a knowledge transfer, but a heart transformation. 

3. Are you ready? Have you prayed for an open heart? Go to the Lesson 1 introduction to download your manual.

About the Instructors:

Drew Brown is our School Coordinator. Drew has been working full-time with PI since 2005 and has developed many of the courses alongside Randy. Drew is a wonderful teacher and will help stretch what you know in order to grasp what God has for you in your Kingdom influence. 

Josiah Boyd is the Communications and Central European Director for PI. Josiah and his wife, Brandi, live in Poland. Josiah is the son of Randy and Callie and has been working with his father for many years as well as within a church setting. Josiah is an amazing teacher who brings new perspectives to this course. 

Derek Osburn was the Asia and Online Director for Prepare International from 2018-2021. Derek has a background in local church ministry as well as church planting. Derek will creatively connect with you as he teaches this course. 

Throughout this course you will have access to the course group where you can discuss this lesson and topics from this course with other students and the course instructors. Visit the New Testament Themes course discussion group to dive deeper into this course.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 11 Topics
  • 11 Quizzes