Welcome to the Power Ministries course. You are going to be challenged, encouraged, and excited as we discover more of the power found in the Holy Spirit.

This course has 6 lessons with a video and short quiz after each lesson to help you process the truths taught.

Make sure you check out our Power Ministries group to interact with PI trainers and other students as we walk on this journey together.

1. Before you begin, make sure you download the manual in the Lesson 1 Introduction section.


2. Take a moment to pray before you begin Lesson 1. Ask the Lord to prepare your heart for what He has for you. We believe you will not only be gaining knowledge as you study this course, but you will also receive a heart transformation. 


3. Are you ready? Have you prayed for an open heart? Don’t forget to download the manual from the Lesson 1 Introduction page before you start the course.



Your instructors for this course:

Drew Brown is the PI School Coordinator. He has worked full-time with PI since 2005 and has developed many of the courses alongside Randy. Drew is a wonderful teacher who will help stretch what you know in order to grasp what God has for you within your Kingdom influence.


Harvey Boyd is one of the few we know who literally has been given the gift of healing!  After retirement from a long and highly successful business career in which he diligently served both the Lord and others, Harvey had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit in which this healing gift was imparted.  Over the years, 1000s have been made whole by the power of Jesus’ Name through his prayers.  Today, he helps pastor a wonderful church in central Arkansas that has literally become a house of healing in the region.  Harvey also travels the world training others in the truth that Jesus still heals today.  He’s a gifted speaker, loving husband to his wife, Catherine, and a wonderful father to two children, Kim Boyd and Randy Boyd.  


Throughout this course you will have access to the course group where you can discuss this lesson and topics from this course with other students and the course instructors. Visit the Power Ministries course discussion group to dive deeper into this course. 

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 8 Topics
  • 7 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate