Are you looking to go deeper into the Kingdom life and step into your identity as a son or daughter, deepen your relationship with God, and move in a stronger way in the power of the Holy Spirit? Become an ongoing student to access all available online courses and study groups.

After joining, simply go to any course that you wish to enroll in and checkout for free.  You will have to add the course to your cart and make a ‘free’ purchase before you have access to the course. You will repeat this process for each corse you would like to start. As long as you continue to subscribe, you will have lifetime access to these courses and groups.

How to start a course after becoming a Monthly Student:

1. Click on the course you would like to start.

2. Then click ‘take course’ and ‘place order’ to add the course to your dashboard

3. Return to your course page to start the course.

4. Repeat this process for each course you want to start. You can even have several going at

Monthly Student


Why pay per course when you can enroll in all of our PI courses for one low monthly price.  Simply join our monthly membership and you will have access to all available courses and student groups at the Hub.  Be the first to have access to new courses, move onto the next course at any time, join the group chats with other students, and step into your identity as a son or daughter in the Kingdom!


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